Neverending Card Instructions
Because of the extensive email I have received, I have decided to put up this page explaining the Neverending Card a little better. If you are having trouble with the pattern, take a look:

Step #1: Cut it up
Figure 1: Cut your paper
Figure 2: After cutting - 4 Strips

We start with two post-card sized pieces of cardstock (4 1/4" x 5 1/2"). Cut one piece of cardstock in half, vertically. Cut the other piece of cardstock in half, horizontally. You should now have four strips of paper - two long, thin pieces and two short, fat ones.

It helps if you keep them with their partners, as if you had not cut the original pieces of cardstock.

Step #2: Fold it up
Figure 3: Score your pieces
Figure 4: Fold it up

All four strips of paper are going to be folded twice. The goal here is to fold them such that the ends touch in the middle. After scoring and cutting out the pattern, it should be clear how the ends touch when folded.

Step #3: Glue glue glue
Figure 5: Glue the letters

After folding these strips, lay them back down, just like you have two original pieces of cardstock. Pick one of the two pieces of cardstock and put glue on all four corners.

(Ignore the cuts and folds, and pretend it's just an uncut postcard. This should indicate to you which four corners to put glue in. If you're using the pattern, put glue on each square with a different letter on it.)

Step #4: Flip them over
Figure 6: Flip them over

Take out your imaginary spatula and scoop up the cardstock pieces you put glue on, turning them over like a pancake on top of the other (non-glue) pieces of cardstock. When using the pattern, the A's should be touching, etc.

You should not see any letters after doing this - they should be glued together.

Step #5: Stamping Time

Once the glue is set, you will have completed the assembly of the card. All you have to do is stamp on it, open it, stamp on it again, open it... etc. etc.

Step #6: Congratulate Yourself

Whew! Did it work? Now you've got yourself a Neverending Card!

Vicki :)